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Registration for 2018 is OPEN!

Indoor practices start this week at Berwick Academy.  PLEASE honor their parking policies.  Check your team's page for specific schedules. 


Some teams are now full. If you are looking to register a boy please contact Michael Gallipo (531-9707 or  If you are looking to register a girl, please contact Lisa Stacy (767-3290 or  

First- through 8th-grade:  register for team play.  Every child is on a team and plays throughout each and every game.  That's the best way to improve and have fun.

Kindergarten or pre-school:  register for MINIs on Saturday mornings.  MINIs is a COED introduction to the sport of lacrosse, focusing on having fun while learning the basic skills.  This 6-week program utilizes drills, small station work and activities to keep kids moving and engaged.  Soft balls and smaller sticks are used.  Lacrosse games are NOT played until players are able to catch, throw and move with the ball. Participants will only need a mouthguard and sneakers.  Each will be given a stick, a ball, and a t-shirt.  For more timid kids in the first grade:  try MINIs this year.  Timid covers:  not sure about team play or not sure about lacrosse so hesitant to buy all that equipment.  Your call.

Want more details?  FAQ in the vertical menu to the left. 

UNIFORMS:  most players have their uniforms.  Need one?  Call Kristie Rowley @ 603-953-8411. 

For each player, bring a $50 check, made payable to Cocheco Lacrosse.



-For each home game, two people need to man the scorer's table to keep time and track penalties.  See your coach or team manager.  TIME:  1-4 times during the season (home games), 90 minutes each time.

-Team Manager:  see your coach for what your team needs. This is one of those jobs that takes an hour during the week, then you're done when the season is over.

-Field maintenance:  there are big parts to this and little parts.  Please contact Neal Stacy to discuss your interest level and time availability.  For example, line whole fields or just use spray paint to touch up the crease and mid-lines on days when we have back-to-back home games.

-Board positions:  current president and secretary will need to be replaced after the season.  Please talk with Micheal Gallipo or Lisa Stacy regarding these jobs.  Also, we have 3 open, at-large positions to fill.  Monthly meetings and whatever ad hoc or committee assignments you wish.  NHYLA Liaison:  monthly meetings in Manchester, then report to the board.  SAYLL Liaison:  occasional meetings (lots done by email); report to the board. 

-Uniform distribution and/or collection:  1-2 days in April and/or June; 3 hours each time. 


CARPOOL:  Players who carpool get to spend a few minutes with at least one other teammate before taking the field.  This feels good, but it also contributes to an esprit de corps that could otherwise be lost.  Remember that many teammates aren't schoolmates -- or travel in different circles at school.  Bonus for parents:  one less trip!

ALUMNI:  Because we are a regional program, our players go on to any of 4 or 5 high schools.  Thus, Cocheco Lacrosse is represented far and wide, even before our alumni spread their wings as adults.  Our youngest child is now a senior at Dover High.  Each spring, whether Dover plays Oyster River, Spaulding or St. Thomas, somebody grabs a camera and hollers, "Let's take a Cocheco picture!"  Win or lose, those photos have the best grins.  Occasionally, a picture doesn't happen.  Then, you'll see home team alumni swarm the visiting team bus to shake hands before their former teammates depart.  Come build lasting friendships -- and a love for all things lacrosse.


Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. 

PLAYER AWARDS:  Cocheco is a development program; as such, we are not all that concerned with our teams' records.  Rather, our emphasis is on ensuring players improve in measurable ways each and every season.  As players and as people.  MVP designations are traditionally bestowed according to data.  Cocheco gives recognition for contributions that can't be so concretely measured.  Our Nesman and Hitchcock awards recognize the player who works hardest at improving as a player, while Heyliger winners are recognized for  being the quintessential teammate.  As these character traits and habits are built over time, these acknowledgments start for players in 5th grade.  The awards are given in honor of 3 men who worked so diligently to establish the Cocheco Lacrosse program:  Don Heyliger, Greg Nesmann and Larry Hitchcock.  Coaches will discuss these concepts with their teams.  Feel free to start a conversation at home. 

Finally, the Dover Recreation Department holds an annual Heyliger Awards dinner.  As the season goes on, please watch out for those adults who go above and beyond in helping make Cocheco such a terrific program for your kids.  We will have voting at the conclusion of the season.  Our winner for 2017 was Jennifer Govoni.  Please give her a high five when you see her around town.



LEAGUE POLICY:  no lax balls allowed inside any house, anywhere.  Avoiding windows and vinyl siding is just plain smart.  Backyard sheds are available at the discretion of the homeowner.  Pre-season skill sessions/league play is recommended.  If not possible, use free time to play catch, practice cradling, and get in some conditioning workouts.  A half-hour show is a great time to jog in place or do toe touches.  All pre-season opportunities are broadcast as they come across the desk.  GO, COCHECO!

The on-line store is always OPEN!  Cocheco gear makes a great gift.

TO MODIFY your record:  click login in the upper right corner.  Enter your email address and password.  Your family record will show.  Use this to add or change an email address, and to register.  If you need help, send your question to: 

Registration or uniform refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis.  USLax membership is non-refundable.  Please contact our treasurer, Kris Cook @  .


Financial assistance is available.  Please contact Kris Cook  @ to apply.

Equipment assistance is available.  Please contact Neal Stacy @

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Field Status
Alvirne High School - Hudson OPEN (4/23) 
Barrington Middle School - Barrington OPEN (4/23) 
Bean Fields - Amherst OPEN (4/23) 
Bedford High School - Bedford OPEN (4/23) 
Bellamy 2 @ DHS - Dover OPEN (4/23) 
Bellamy 3 @ DHS - Dover OPEN (4/23) 
Berwick Academy Blue Gym - South Berwick OPEN (4/23) 
Berwick Academy grass - South Berwick OPEN (4/23) 
Berwick Academy TURF - South Berwick OPEN (4/23) 
Bog Road Fields - York OPEN (4/23) 
Court House - 9s/11s/13s - Dover OPEN (4/23) 
Court House Fields-GIRLS - Dover OPEN (4/23) 
Dover Ice Arena - Dover OPEN (4/23) 
Dover Middle School - Dover OPEN (4/23) 
Exeter High School - Exeter OPEN (4/23) 
Field 3-Turf Field - South Berwick OPEN (4/23) 
Fisk Field @ DHS - Dover OPEN (4/23) 
Fogg Field @ Berwick Aca - South Berwick OPEN (4/23) 
Frost Tufts Field - Eliot OPEN (4/23) 
Horne Street Gym - Dover OPEN (4/23) 
Linden Street Fields - Exeter OPEN (4/23) 
Londonderry High-14 - Londonderry OPEN (4/23) 
Marshwood Middle School - Eliot OPEN (4/23) 
McConnell Center - Dover OPEN (4/23) 
Noble High School - North Berwick TBD (4/23) 
Portsmouth Field 2 - Portsmouth OPEN (4/23) 
Portsmouth High (turf) - Portsmouth OPEN (4/23) 
Rochester Ice Rink - Rochester OPEN (4/23) 
Rye Junior High - Rye OPEN (4/23) 
Sawyer Field - Kensington OPEN (4/23) 
Seacoast United Epping - Epping OPEN (4/23) 
Stevens Field - Lee OPEN (4/23) 
UNH Memorial Field - Durham OPEN (4/23) 
UNH Student Rec Field - Durham OPEN (4/23) 
UNH-Bremner Field - Durham OPEN (4/23) 
Upper Shaw's Lane - Dover OPEN (4/23) 
Woolridge Field - Durham OPEN (4/23)